If you are in Cornwall, the best thing to do is to visit a theatre, the most common display of the UK’s culture. The rich heritage of the English county seeps into the dramatic presentation of art by the actors and makes for a perfect evening. Open-air theatres in Cornwall provide an immersive experience through a showcase of a high-production performance, starring the most talented actors.

Theatres in Cornwall host all kinds of theatre performances including plays, dance recitals, classical music performances, and so on. Tickets are fairly affordable compared to theatres in other parts of England, ensuring that you get a quality performance at an affordable rate.

Top 5 Theatres in Cornwall

Here are some top theatres in Cornwall, that are worth your time and money, and private jet flights are the best way to travel from Los Angeles to Cornwall.

1. Minack Theatre

One of the best theatres in Cornwall, Minack Theatre is an open-air gallery of performances. Though it is situated on the side of a cliff, you do not need to worry about safety, as the architecture of the theatre surpasses expectations. This theatre is a perfect destination for history buffs, as the brilliant actress Rowena Cade is responsible for the Minack Theatre being built. Cade spent a lifetime designing, building, and ensuring that the architecture of Minack Theatre is as imposing today as it was decades ago.

Even if you are not interested in a dramatic performance, Minack Theatre is known for its architecture, attracting architects and history fanatics from across the globe. What sets this theatre apart from other theatres in Cornwall, is that sometimes, members of the audience are allowed to sit on the stage, for a closer view of the performances. If you want to do more than just watch a performance, the Minack Theatre also hosts workshops, theatre tours, and other enticing events. The magnificent Minack Theatre is situated at Porthcurno, Penzance TR19 6JU, UK.

2. Kidz R Us

One of the most youthful theatres in Cornwall is the Kidz R Us theatre. The production hosts more than a hundred teenagers and children, who are talented actors and can hold their own against any adult actor. This theatre has hosted over a hundred shows and won numerous awards such as Youth Theatre Company of the Year, and so on. The delightful production team puts up musicals and pantomimes during the holiday seasons, making this theatre a perfect fit for your next visit to Cornwall.

This theatre is easily one of the liveliest theatres in Cornwall, and perfect for a fun night out with friends and family. Kidz R Us has also been honored with the British Empire Medal due to the Queen’s Birthday List in 2012. You may also notice that the Kidz R Us Theatre is called the St. Ives Theatre, it is not an open-air theatre, and it is located at St Ives, Saint Ives TR26 1QG, United Kingdom.

3. Trelissick Garden

One of the best open-air theatres in Cornwall, Trelissick Garden has a lush ambiance and is the heart of nature in Cornwall. It is perfect for an affordable picnic with some entertainment and proves itself to be the perfect spot for a relaxing, yet entertaining lunch. A theatre company that often hosts plays at Trelissick Garden is the infamous Quantum Theatre Company, which hosts humorous, and light-hearted plays and musicals to provide palatable entertainment.

Bring your camping chairs, blankets, and a basket of food for a delightful performance at Feock, Truro TR3 6QL, United Kingdom. `This garden is not simply a theatre, you can also spend your time at a quaint cafe or a vintage second-hand bookshop on the estate, ensuring that your day is devoid of boredom.

4. Penlee Park Open-Air Theatre

As one of the most spacious theatres in Cornwall, Penlee Park is perfect for enjoying the summer breeze while watching a performance. This open-air theatre prides itself on iron being a plastic-free estate and is one of the most environment-friendly theatres in Cornwall. There are no plastic straws on the venue, and they use eco-friendly, bamboo toilet paper in their bathrooms. Penlee Park can house up to three hundred members of the audience, making for quite a large theatre.

Penlee Park is also one of the only theatres in Cornwall, that has a gift shop for you to purchase a handy jute bag, or a stylish t-shirt as a memento. This theatre ensures that you have an immersive experience due to a wide range of performances from psychological thrillers, to light-hearted comedies. Visit Penlee Park Open-Air Theatre at Penzance TR18 4HY, United Kingdom at any time, since it is open twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

5. Lane Theatre

Last, but not least, Lane Theatre hosts some of the most intricate performances among theatres in Cornwall. It is the only live theatre in its vicinity and hosts the most passionate productions, put up using the most well-known actors, who spend their time travelling the continent, putting up shows. Lane Theatre can give you a life-changing theatre experience through a vast array of performances, from crime comedies to dramatic musicals.

Located at Lane, Newquay TR8 4PX, United Kingdom, you may need to check the timings before you book a show at Lane Theatre. Lane Theatre is one of the most exclusive theatres in Cornwall, and because of this, they are only open on a few evenings of the week. However, this is a perfect theatre to enjoy live music and tributes to your favourite musicians such as ABBA and Elton John. This theatre is for true theatre and music enthusiasts and is bound to make an exciting evening.

The Bottom Line

These are the five best theatres in Cornwall, and we suggest visiting all of them, to make the most of your visit to Cornwall. They are sure to be worth your time and money, and provide you with a rich experience of Cornwall’s culture. We hope this article helped you and read our other articles to plan the most life-altering trip to Europe!


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