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BBQs 2U – Gozney Pizza Oven

If you have kids and are concerned about investing in a Gozney Dome pizza oven, then don’t because it is safe.

Safety features

1. Well-insulated

The Gozney pizza oven is well-insulated, which helps to prevent heat from escaping and keeps the exterior of the oven cool to the touch.

2. Commercial-grade silicone jacket

The Gozney pizza oven has a “Safetouch” commercial-grade silicone jacket that helps to prevent burns and makes the oven safer to handle.

3. Designed for outdoor use

The oven is designed for outdoor use, which reduces the risk of fire and smoke inhalation indoors.

4. Built-in thermometer

It allows you to monitor the oven temperature and ensure that it is at a safe level.

5. Sturdy construction

The pizza oven is made with high-quality materials and has a sturdy construction, which helps to prevent accidents and injuries.

6. Professional-grade

Gozney’s outdoor pizza ovens are restaurant-grade and designed to imitate the performance of professional Gozney’s ovens, used by leading restaurants and chefs around the globe

7. Positive reviews

Many reviewers have praised the Gozney’s outdoor dome pizza oven for its high-quality build, versatility, and ability to make pizzeria-quality pizzas.

8. Warranty and return policy

The Gozney Dome comes with an extended 5-year warranty and a no-hassle return policy

Remember, to follow safety guidelines and use the oven in a safe and appropriate way.

The Gozney Dome pizza oven – Olive is a premium outdoor oven that can elevate an outdoor space with its sleek and stylish design.

Benefits of buying the Gozney pizza oven

1. Versatility

The Gozney Dome is not just a pizza oven. When used with wood, it can also function as a fully-functioning outdoor oven. With Gozney steam injector the oven transforms into a bread oven. Cut down the airflow and fasten the door and you have a smoker.

2. Dual Fuel Option

The Gozney Dome allows for a gas- or wood-fired oven, giving you more flexibility in your cooking options.

3. Large Cooking Space

The Gozney Dome has a larger cooking space compared to smaller tabletop units, allowing you to cook full-sized pizzas instead of sticking to 10- or 12-inch individual pizzas

4. Quick to Heat Up

The Gozney Dome can heat up quickly and temperature can rise up to 950 degrees Fahrenheit, allowing you to cook your pizzas faster

5. Stable Temperature

The Gozney Dome maintains stable temperatures, and the stone retains heat well, allowing you to cook your pizzas evenly

The Gozney Dome pizza oven is a premium outdoor oven that is ideal for some fun filled and delicious outdoor cooking enthusiasts want to take their pizza making to the next level.

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