Wound care is a nuanced field, demanding specialized products tailored to address varied wound types and conditions. CellerateRX® Gel stands out as a prominent advancement, specifically developed for those with dry or light to moderately exudating wounds. The journey of wound recovery can be painstakingly slow, often accompanied by risks of infection or complications. Innovations like CellerateRX® Gel aim to mitigate these challenges, offering patients a product rooted in scientific evidence and research.

What Is an Exudating Wound?

Exudate is essentially the fluid that leaks from a wound, and it can vary in consistency, from thin and watery to thick and sticky. An exudating wound is one that produces this fluid, typically as a result of inflammation or infection. The presence of exudate is the body’s natural response to injury and plays a critical role in the healing process. It contains essential growth factors, nutrients, and immune cells that help repair tissue. However, when there’s too much exudate, or it’s retained in the wound, it can impede healing and even lead to complications such as maceration (softening and breaking down of the skin). Therefore, managing the exudate is vital in wound care.

Benefits of CellerateRX® Gel

The potency of CellerateRX® Gel lies in its unique formulation, which incorporates hydrolyzed collagen fragments approximately 1/100th the size of native collagen. The body’s natural healing process involves breaking down native collagen, but with these hydrolyzed fragments, this step is bypassed, potentially hastening wound recovery. Furthermore, its indications span a wide array of wounds, from surgical and traumatic wounds to pressure injuries and burns.

Beyond its efficacy in promoting healing, CellerateRX® Gel offers unparalleled versatility. It can be molded to fit any wound bed, making it particularly beneficial for complex wounds with tunneling or undermining. Plus, its compatibility extends to its cooperative nature with secondary dressings. With such attributes, CellerateRX® Gel presents itself not just as a product but as a comprehensive solution, bridging the gap between traditional wound care and the demands of modern-day treatment protocols.

Key Features

CellerateRX® is distinguished by its unique Hydrolyzed Collagen formulation. This collagen is particularly notable because its fragments are roughly 1/100th the size of native collagen, removing the need for the body to break them down for use. Furthermore, CellerateRX® creates a moist environment, essential for effective wound healing. The application process is direct and uncomplicated. Its compatibility extends to various dressing types, offering versatility in wound care situations. The product is free from additives and comes with a reliable three-year shelf life.

About Sanara MedTech

At the core of Sanara MedTech Inc. is a mission that unequivocally prioritizes patients. As a forward-thinking medical technology company, Sanara MedTech is dedicated to innovating and introducing groundbreaking technologies that not only elevate clinical outcomes but also strive to decrease healthcare expenses. Their primary arena of influence spans across surgical procedures, non-healing ulcers, and the broader spectrum of skin care. By consistently pushing the boundaries of what’s possible, Sanara MedTech reaffirms its commitment to transforming patient experiences and advancing the medical field,researching a wide array of wound care products using a team of highly professional specialists. Always consult with a healthcare professional before starting any medication to ensure its safety and appropriateness for your specific medical condition.


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