Are you a budding novelist with a story to tell but don’t know where to start? Or perhaps you’ve already started writing but feel stuck in a creative rut? Well, the good news is that there are online novel writing courses that can help you navigate the winding path from idea to manuscript. In this article, we’ll explore the benefits of these courses and provide you with a list of top-notch options to consider. So, let’s embark on this literary journey together!

1. The Benefits of Online Novel Writing Courses

1.1. Structured Learning

One of the key advantages of enrolling in an online novel writing course is the structured learning it offers. These courses typically provide a step-by-step curriculum that guides you through the entire novel-writing process. From developing your initial idea to crafting compelling characters and building a gripping plot, you’ll receive a structured roadmap to follow.

1.2. Expert Guidance

Online novel writing courses are often led by experienced authors and writing instructors. This means you’ll have access to expert guidance and feedback throughout your writing journey. These mentors can help you refine your writing skills, address your weaknesses, and offer valuable insights that can make a significant difference in your novel’s quality.

1.3. Community and Feedback

Writing can be a solitary endeavor, but it doesn’t have to be when you join an online novel writing course. Many courses foster a sense of community among participants, allowing you to connect with fellow writers. You can share your work, provide feedback to others, and receive constructive criticism in return. This collaborative environment can be motivating and help you stay on track.

1.4. Accountability

Completing a novel can be a daunting task, and it’s easy to procrastinate. Online writing courses often come with built-in accountability measures. Assignments, deadlines, and peer reviews can keep you motivated and ensure that you make consistent progress on your manuscript.

2. Choosing the Right Online Novel Writing Course

2.1. Determine Your Goals

Before you enroll in an online novel writing course, it’s essential to define your goals. Are you looking to write a bestseller, or are you writing for personal satisfaction? Do you want to explore a specific genre, such as romance, science fiction, or fantasy? Knowing your objectives will help you choose a course that aligns with your aspirations.

2.2. Research Course Content

Not all writing courses are created equal. Take the time to research the course content and syllabus. Ensure that the topics covered match your needs and interests. Look for courses that cover plot development, character creation, dialogue, and other essential elements of novel writing.

2.3. Check Instructor Credentials

The expertise of the course instructor can greatly impact your learning experience. Investigate the instructor’s credentials, including their writing achievements and teaching experience. Reading reviews and testimonials from previous students can also provide insights into the instructor’s effectiveness.

2.4. Consider Your Budget

Online novel writing courses come in a wide range of price points. While some are free or low-cost, others can be quite expensive. Determine your budget for the course and explore options that fit within your financial constraints. Keep in mind that some premium courses may offer additional benefits, such as one-on-one coaching.

3. Top Online Novel Writing Courses

Now that you understand the benefits of online novel writing courses and how to choose the right one, let’s explore some top options to kickstart your writing journey.

3.1. MasterClass – Margaret Atwood Teaches Creative Writing

If you’re a fan of Margaret Atwood’s work and want to learn from a literary legend, her MasterClass is an excellent choice. In this course, Atwood shares her insights into storytelling, character development, and world-building. It’s a unique opportunity to learn from a renowned author.

3.2. Coursera – Wesleyan University’s Creative Writing Specialization

Wesleyan University offers a comprehensive Creative Writing Specialization on Coursera. This series of courses covers everything from crafting the first chapter to revising and editing your novel. With assignments and peer reviews, you’ll receive constructive feedback throughout the process.

3.3. Gotham Writers Workshop – Novel Writing Class

Gotham Writers Workshop has a dedicated Novel Writing Class that provides a supportive community and expert instruction. This course covers the entire novel-writing process, from concept to manuscript completion. With flexible scheduling, it’s suitable for writers with various time commitments.

3.4. Writer’s Digest University – Various Novel Writing Courses

Writer’s Digest offers a variety of online courses tailored to different aspects of novel writing. Whether you need help with plot structure, character development, or dialogue, you can find a course that fits your specific needs.

3.5. Udemy – Writing Fiction Like a Pro

For budget-conscious writers, Udemy offers “Writing Fiction Like a Pro.” This course provides a solid foundation in novel writing without breaking the bank. It covers essential topics and includes practical exercises to improve your skills.

4. Tips for Success in an Online Novel Writing Course

4.1. Set Realistic Goals

When embarking on an online novel writing course, set realistic goals for yourself. It’s unlikely that you’ll complete an entire novel during the course’s duration, so focus on achieving specific milestones, like finishing a certain number of chapters or developing your protagonist.

4.2. Stay Consistent

Consistency is key in novel writing. Dedicate regular time to your writing, even outside of the course assignments. The more you write, the better you’ll become.

4.3. Embrace Feedback

Be open to feedback from instructors and peers. Constructive criticism is invaluable for growth as a writer. Use feedback as an opportunity to improve your writing skills.

4.4. Join Writing Communities

In addition to your course community, consider joining online writing forums and groups. Engaging with a broader writing community can provide additional support and inspiration.

4.5. Revise and Edit

Remember that writing is rewriting. Don’t rush the process. After completing your manuscript, take the time to revise and edit thoroughly. This is where your novel truly takes shape.


Enrolling in an online novel writing course can be a game-changer for aspiring authors. The structured learning, expert guidance, and sense of community can propel you from the initial idea to a completed manuscript. Remember to choose a course that aligns with your goals and budget, and don’t forget to stay consistent and open to feedback. With the right course and dedication, you can turn your novel-writing dreams into a reality. So, what are you waiting for? Start your literary journey today!


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