Thinking of taking up hiking? Not surprising, given that this activity is both extremely popular, and highly beneficial for people’s health and well-being. As you will see when you learn more about those benefits, hiking is great for your heart, but it can also be amazing for your mental health, as it could reduce your anxiety symptoms and improve your overall mood. No wonder, thus that the activity has become so popular.

You can’t, however, just wake up one day and say you’re going for a hike. Making decisions on the spur of the moment and out of nowhere will have you, of course, unprepared for what’s to come. And, when hiking is in question, you certainly need to be prepared. No doubt you can take it up at any point in your life, but the point is that you’ll need to get properly prepared before you set off.

What does the preparation process entail, though? Getting the equipment you need. For one thing, you need to dress for the occasion, because the clothes you already have may not exactly be right for it. You may have thought that some shorts you already have in your wardrobe, for example, will do and that you don’t really need to go shopping, but that’s wrong.

When buying hiking shorts, you need to have a whole different set of criteria than when buying lifestyle short or clothes to use for other types of sports. If you want to be really comfortable during the activity, and there’s absolutely no doubt you do, you’ll need to pick the right clothing items, starting with the shorts. If, however, you’re not exactly sure how to do that, you should read on, as I’ll list those significant factors to consider when making the actual choice.

Read about all the essentials you need to bring on this adventure:

Consider Materials

Materials are, without a doubt, the number one factor to consider when trying to make the best choice. The fabric you’ll choose will depend on the length of your hike, and on the speed at which you’re planning on going. In any case, you want something lightweight and breathable, as that will lead to better performance and prevent you from overheating. Nylon is perfect for a shorter hike, cotton could be good for an overnight and longer adventure, while polyester tends to be ideal for longer and faster hikes, keeping you dry at all times.

Keep Comfort in Mind

When choosing the materials, and the shorts in general, you’ll need to keep your comfort in mind. It won’t be a good experience if you’re constantly uncomfortable in the clothes you’re wearing and if one thing or another is bothering you. Thus, think about which shorts could be most comfortable for hiking, and remember to ask professionals if you don’t know much about it, as they will be willing to recommend you the perfect solution.

Length Matters

In addition to considering your height and weight when choosing the length of the shorts, you’ll also need to consider the type of a hike you’re taking. That’s because you want the length to be functional for you. Depending on the time you’ll spend on the track, as well as the track itself, you could either go for shorts that end slightly above or slightly below the knee, as those will be functional for pretty much every situation. 

Choose a Fit Type

Continuing along the same lines, comfort and functionality will be achieved through the right fit type as well. Loose, regular or tight… It depends on the type of hike you’re taking and on the weather as well. Loose ones will keep you cooler during the activity, while the tight ones will remain in place while you’re moving, thus providing more support than the other types. A higher waistline is also a popular choice, as it will also give you some extra support.

Check Other Features

There are, naturally, other features to consider as well. When you’re checking out Stio hiking shorts, thus, or any other clothing items you want to buy for the adventure for that matter, you’ll have to take a look at those extra features they have, aiming at choosing the perfect solution for you. Think about whether you need extra pockets, whether you want the fabric to be waterproof, and whether reflective patches are something you need – and they are if you’re planning on engaging in the activity during the night.

Remember Your Budget

Checking all of those important features and factors out is a must, but so is keeping your budget in mind during the process. After all, you know how much you’re ready to spend on the clothes you need for this activity, so try and stick to that. Of course, paying a bit more for the perfect quality shouldn’t be a problem, since you want the shorts you select to be both highly functional and completely comfortable during the hike.


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