n this guide, I’m going to show you first of all my top 3 farms that are working for me right now in WoW Classic Season of Discovery. Then, I’m going to take you through a few methods that you can use to find your own farms and track your results.

This way, you can see what really does work best for you, your character, and any professions that you’ve got. By the way, you can buy WoW SoD gold at IGGM.com, which is the faster and easier way.

1. Murlocs In Wetlands

Number 1, you can farm Murlocs in Wetlands.

The Murlocs are really strong right now because they drop Thick-Shelled Clams. These clams have a chance of dropping Iridescent Pearls. The Iridescent Pearls are used in a lot of essential crafting at this level.

Iridescent Pearls are selling for upwards of 4 SoD gold on a majority of servers. For me, I came here as a level 23 Druid and I farmed 100 clams in an hour and 22 minutes. At this time, I also ate a cheese toastie and dealt with a sick dog, so I wasn’t on maximum efficiency. I got 3 pearls out of my clams.

While I wasn’t very lucky, this should be at least average. Because the drop rate of pearls from the clams is between 1-6%.

The competition is high here, and it seems to be high at all hours. I would put this at around 15 gold per hour, which at level 25 is pretty decent in Season of Discovery.

2. Torn Bear Pelts

Next up, you can farm Torn Bear Pelts. You can farm these all around Ashenvale. And if you’re a skinner, you can skin these, too. Plus, you can skin the ones that other people kill as well.

The Torn Bear Pelts can be handed in at Darkmoon Faire Tickets to go towards your 14-slot bag. You need 5 Torn Bear Pelts for 4 tickets. So, around 65 Torn Bear Pelts gives you 1 bag, which is currently on the Auction House for 32 gold on Living Flame. But even around 20 gold is great.

You should be able to get 65 Torn Bear Pelts in 1 hour. So, if you go for the bag, that’s 20 to 32 gold per hour. Or, if you sell the Torn Bear Pelts themselves, that is 13 gold per hour.

Plus, if you are a skinner, any leather that you get to will add that up fast for you. This one is unfortunately time-limited, and it has already ended.

3. Wetlands Crocolisks

Lastly, you can farm the Crocolisks in Wetlands. They drop Tender Crocolisk Meat, which you can cook to make the 8 stamina and spirit food.

It’s hard to get the recipe as Alliance. You need to buy it off someone who’s transferred it. But the Crocolisks are great. They don’t hit too hard. They aren’t contested. You can literally just run in circles, killing them.

The meat you get from them goes for about 20 Silver per unit. So, if you can focus and kill 100 an hour, you should be making around 20 gold per hour.

How To Find Your Own Top Gold Farm?

On to the next part, I will introduce you how to find your own top gold farm.

If you watched some WoW SoD Gold farming videos, you’ll see that some people are incredibly focused and efficient. Whereas for me, I’m in the same situation. In the early stages of the game, because I was very confused, whenever I died or encountered difficulties, I would look for the corresponding guide. As a result, I died more often, and my efficiency was very low.

So, my gold making really needs to be built around that. I have an occasional hour of hyperfocus, but I tend to save that for really important game tasks like raiding or leveling.

For me, my top gold farm is always something low-risk that I can do while distracted and I can dip in and out of without dealing with a corpse run every time.

Step 1

One thing everyone can benefit from is actually being able to measure the farm they’re doing, whether you’re herbing, killing murlocs, raw gold farming, or fishing.

And this is where Kiwi Farm kicks in. It’s a brilliant addon that will track your farming session and tell you how much WoW Classic SoD Gold you’re making per hour. You can pick up Kiwi Farm from CurseForge.

And if you don’t already have an auctioning addon, I recommend picking up Auctionator at the same time.

Step 2

To find your target item to farm, consider items that you use yourself.

If you have professions and already sell things that you crafted, look at the materials that are needed. Find some that are reasonable price and take a look at Wowhead to see where they come from and what their drop rate is.

You’ll want a high drop rate item ideally, unless, of course, it has super high value like the lovely Iridescent Pearls. And then find something in a zone that’s around or below your level.

Step 3

At this point, if you have Kiwi Farm installed, right-click it and set it to use Auctionator for price information for white materials, but probably the vendor price for greens and grays.

The reason I say to set the vendor price for greens is because there are so many variations, it’s almost impossible to get the correct pricing data in. So, a vendor price will give you a rough idea.

Step 4

Then, before you set off, do a quick search on the Auction House of the items, just to make sure the Auctionator is loaded with the correct price information. I’m not 100% sure that step is required, but it makes me feel better, so I do it.

Next, you arrive at your chosen location, right-click on Kiwi Farm to get started, and off you go. This is a really good way of trying out little farms and finding your own ones before everyone else does.

I’m sure then that you’ll have your own play style and challenges that you’re going to need to play around with yourself.


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