The healthcare industry is among the most lucrative and growing industries, as technological advancements and innovation are allowing for new opportunities. The healthcare industry has rapidly changed over the past few years, from new implementations such as telemedicine Pennsylvania to biotechnology, the sector is a resilient one and continues to grow despite a turbulent economy.

This article will discuss some healthcare stocks that have been popular among seasoned investors, as they may turn out to be good investments in the short to long term. For example, check out this Medium article about five firms that invested in an eye care company. 

We decided to base our picks off the stocks with the highest market caps, as those are typically the most stable stocks to invest in. 

  • UnitedHealth

The UnitedHealth Group, Inc. is a multinational healthcare and insurance company based out of Minnetonka, Minnesota. They are the world’s largest healthcare company, with a market cap of $455.38 billion. 

If you’re interested in learning more about UnitedHealth, you can visit their website here. 

  • Elevance Health

Elevance Health, formerly known as Anthem, is an American health insurance provider. The company specializes in medical, pharmaceutical, dental, behavioral health, long-term care, and disability plans. The company was founded in 1946 in Indianapolis, where it has remained ever since.

They have a market cap of $106.63 billion, making them the second largest health care company in the world. 

  • CVS Health

CVS Health, formerly known as the CVS Corporation, is a healthcare company that is most well known for its retail chain – CVS Pharmacy. The company also owns CVS Caremark, Aetna, among many other health brands. With a market cap of $86.46 billion, it is the world’s third largest healthcare company.

CVS Health was originally founded in Lowell, Massachusetts, in 1963. They remain in New England to this day, but their new headquarters are in Woonsocket, Rhode Island. As of 2022, there are 9,674 CVS Pharmacy locations across the United States, and they have over 300,000 employees. 

  • HCA Healthcare

Founded in 1968, HCA Healthcare is an American for-profit operator of various healthcare facilities across the United States. Despite being a private company looking to make profit, it owns and operates 186 hospitals and around 2,000 other sites of care such as surgery centers, emergency rooms, urgent care centers, and physician clinics. 

HCA Healthcare has a market cap of $75.17 billion USD, making them the 4th largest healthcare company in the world.

  • McKesson

The McKesson Corporation is a company that specializes in distributing pharmaceuticals and providing health information technology, medical supplies, and care management tools to various companies across the world. They are responsible for delivering nearly a third of all pharmaceuticals in North America.

McKesson was founded in 1833, over 190 years ago, in New York City. The company has since relocated to Irving, Texas, and employs 51,000 people as of 2023. With a market cap of $58.12 billion, they are the 5th largest healthcare provider in the world. 

  • Siemens AG

Siemens is the first non-American company on our list, as it is a German multinational technology conglomerate company. They have holdings in many industries, such as health technology and digital healthcare services. The company was founded in 1847, in Berlin, which at the time was in the Kingdom of Prussia. 

Today, their headquarters are in Munich and Berlin, and they have a market cap of $55.18 billion USD. If you’re interested in learning more about the Siemens company and their other holdings, then you can check out their website by following this link

Of course, before investing in any company, you should do your own research.


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